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CFO Advisory Services

CFO Advisory Services with MGI+MORE Auckland

Elevate Your Financial Strategy

Welcome to MGI+MORE’s CFO Advisory Services, your partner for comprehensive financial expertise and strategic guidance. Every business is unique, so we tailor our CFO Advisory Solutions to fit your needs, whether you require support for bookkeeping, financial team management, or a full-fledged finance team solution. Let us handle the financial paperwork so you can focus on building and growing your business.

Customised CFO Advisory Solutions

Outsourced Finance Team Support

As your business expands and your financial responsibilities become more complex, you may find it challenging to manage bookkeeping in-house or prefer to outsource your finance team management. In either case, our expertise is here to bolster your business operations.

We customise a solution to align with your unique business needs, whether it involves streamlining bank reconciliations, managing creditor invoices, or providing a comprehensive solution that encompasses all your day-to-day finance team tasks. 

Month End Reporting

Timely and accurate month-end reporting is crucial for informed decision-making. We create reports tailored to your business and goals, ensuring you have up-to-date, relevant information at your fingertips. If you’re working towards specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), we’ll calculate them as part of the process, helping you stay on track.

Monthly reporting meetings and vCFO support

In addition to management reporting, our monthly finance meetings provide a comprehensive review of your results, discussion of your KPIs, and support for strategic decision-making from a CFO perspective.

Budgeting and Reporting to Budget

Planning is essential for achieving your business goals. We assist you in creating an annual budget and provide regular reports on your results compared to the budget. This powerful tool aids in planning, decision-making, and tracking critical KPIs.

KPI Development and Reporting

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are crucial for measuring the success of your business activities. We work with you to identify the right KPIs for your unique business, and our visual aids, including graphs and comparisons, bring these KPIs to life, driving business improvements, efficiency, and growth.

Risk Management

Business risks can be unpredictable. We conduct a thorough risk management review of your business, identifying major risks and offering support for risk mitigation options. With our guidance, you can have a plan to address unforeseen challenges.

Discover the MGI+MORE Difference

At MGI+MORE, our commitment is to help your business achieve its growth goals. Contact us today to discover how our CFO Advisory Services can provide invaluable support to your organisation. Let us be your financial partner in success.