Succession Planning with MGI+MORE

Succession Planning:

Preserving your business legacy

At MGI+MORE, we recognise that a thoughtfully constructed exit strategy is a testament to your commitment and hard work in your business. Our Succession Planning service is a collaborative effort, working with you to formulate a comprehensive Succession Plan that addresses and fulfils the expectations of all parties involved.
Succession Planning with MGI+MORE Auckland

Why Choose our Succession Planning Service?

Do you need more clarification about the fate of your business after your leadership tenure ends? Are you concerned about recouping your investments and ensuring a seamless transition upon departure? Does the prospect of meeting your family’s expectations for the business’s future cause you unease? Succession Planning answers these vital questions, securing a prosperous business legacy.

Our Succession Planning process entails clarifying your vision for the future and devising actionable steps to transform that vision into reality. We take into account your business goals, as well as your personal and familial expectations.

Who Should Have a Succession Planning Session?

Regardless of their projected exit timeframe, business owners should possess a well-defined Succession Plan. Early planning is critical, whether your exit is imminent or distant. A well-structured Succession Plan optimises the value derived from your business and ensures preparedness for unforeseen circumstances. Neglecting this planning could lead to unnecessary stress, compromised sale prices, strained client relations, and harm your business’s reputation.

What’s Involved?

Our Succession Planning service includes a half-day one-on-one session with our seasoned team. During this session, we’ll work closely with you to set your goals and objectives for your future business exit. Before the session, you can complete pre-work to identify any pressing issues and align your thoughts with the session’s goals. During the session, we’ll create a concise Succession Plan tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

> So let’s get started!

Throughout the process, we will help you:

  • Establishing your desired outcomes from the business exit.
  • Clarifying your succession options.
  • Identifying key stakeholders and individuals involved in the process.
  • Setting a timeline and key milestones for your Succession Plan.
  • Considering various personal, financial, legal, and taxation aspects that require attention.
  • Developing actionable strategies for effectively realising your objectives.

When Should I Have a Session?

If you anticipate assuming a more passive role in your business or plan to sell within the next three years, we recommend commencing the Succession Planning process now. The sooner you embark on this journey, the more likely you will realise your objectives within your desired timeframe. Early initiation allows ample time to groom your business for sale and attract the ideal successor.

Benefits of a Succession Planning Session

Engaging in our Succession Planning service delivers a multitude of valuable benefits, including:

  • Dedicated time to assess your business and define your objectives.
  • Fostering strategic discussions around potential scenarios.
  • Fostering a shared vision among owners, team members, and successors.
  • Identifying business challenges and opportunities.
  • Access to an impartial sounding board for well-informed decision-making.
  • Clarifying the succession process and formulating actionable steps to maximise outcomes.
  • Prioritising critical goals and milestones.
  • Enhanced ability to make effective strategic decisions.
  • Crafting a communication tool to engage family and key stakeholders in the Succession Plan.
  • Receiving accountability support to remain on course in achieving your goals.
  • Access to our collective wisdom, systems, products, and services.

Take Action Today

+MORE secures your business legacy and ensures a smooth transition for your success. Contact us today to explore how our Succession Planning service can safeguard your business’s future.