Estate Planning services at MGI+MORE

Estate Planning:

Maintain Your Asset Control

Estate planning transcends the mere act of drafting a will or deciding asset distribution. It’s a comprehensive strategy that allows you to maintain control over your assets while optimising the value of your estate by minimising taxes and other expenses. At MGI+MORE, our Estate Planning services empower you to secure your legacy.
Estate Planning services at MGI+MORE Auckland Business Advisory

How it Works

Our expert team is dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of estate planning. We provide strategies that align with your unique circumstances, ensuring your wealth is preserved for future generations. We’ll work with you to address key questions, such as:

Business Sale Strategy

Secure your business’s future by strategically planning how and when to sell, ensuring maximum value and a smooth transition.

Partner’s Estate Support

Protect your business partner’s interests in the event of an unexpected passing with well-thought-out provisions, securing continuity.

Illness and Incapacity

Plan for times of illness or incapacity by designating a trusted individual to act on your behalf while ensuring your family’s financial well-being.

Legacy Access

In the event of your passing, guarantee your family’s access to the value held within your business, providing them with financial security during challenging times.

What’s Included

Our comprehensive Estate Planning services encompass:

  • In-depth assessments of your estate’s current state.
  • Tailored strategies to minimise tax liabilities and reduce associated expenses.
  • Contingency plans to ensure seamless transitions in case of unexpected events.
  • Ongoing support to adapt your estate plan to changing circumstances.

Benefits of an Estate Plan

  • Preservation of Wealth: Our strategies help you retain maximum control over your assets while preserving their value for your heirs.
  • Financial Security: Ensure your business partner’s estate is adequately supported in case of unforeseen tragedies.
  • Peace of Mind: With contingency plans and support, your family’s well-being is secured during illness, incapacity, or passing.
  • Seamless Transitions: Facilitate easy access to the value within your business for your loved ones.

Your Legacy, Your Control

Don’t leave the future of your estate to chance. Secure your legacy, optimise your wealth, and ensure your family’s financial well-being with MGI+MORE’s expert Business Advisory – Estate Planning services. Contact us today to build a robust estate plan tailored to your needs.