Core Values Session with MGI+MORE Auckland

Core Values Session:

Defining Your Business Identity

At MGI+MORE, we recognise the pivotal role that Core Values play in shaping an organisation’s identity and culture. Your Core Values serve as the essence of your company, guiding your vision and defining how your team interacts with clients and each other. Authenticity is paramount; Core Values cannot be borrowed or imitated but must originate from within to genuinely resonate with your company and team.
Core Values Session with MGI+MORE Auckland Business Advisors

The Strength of Neutral Facilitation

Through experience, we’ve discovered that a neutral facilitator-led process is the most effective means of developing Core Values. Our facilitators have honed a successful approach that enables you to craft meaningful Core Values for your business. By nurturing an environment of openness and collaboration, we ensure that your team actively engage in creating values that genuinely represent your organisational identity.

Exploring Your Core Values

Our Core Values Session identifies the unique values that define your business. We’ll guide you through a transformative journey, which encompasses:

Discovery Phase

We’ll engage with key stakeholders and team members to gain insights into your organisation’s goals, culture, and aspirations.

Facilitated Workshop

Our impartial facilitators will lead a collaborative workshop to delve into and articulate the values that resonate with your team.

Clarity and Refinement

We’ll assist in refining and shaping the identified values to ensure they align with your vision and mission.

Presentation and Implementation

After finalising the Core Values presentation, we’ll guide you in effectively integrating them into your organisation.

Benefits of Defining Core Values

Defining and integrating Core Values within your organisation yields multiple advantages, including:

  • Cultural Alignment: Core Values nurture a shared sense of purpose and commitment among team members, creating a unified culture.
  • Guiding Principles: Your Core Values act as a compass, directing decision-making and behaviour at every level of your organisation.
  • Client Engagement: Clearly defined values resonate with clients, enhancing trust and fostering enduring relationships.
  • Employee Engagement: Employees who connect with Core Values are more engaged, improving job satisfaction and staff retention.
  • Attracting Talent: Your values will draw like-minded individuals aligned with your organisation’s mission.
  • Brand Differentiation: Core Values set you apart in the market, making your brand distinctive and memorable.

Take Action Today

At MGI+MORE, we are dedicated to assisting businesses in discovering and embracing their unique identity through Core Values. Contact us today to embark on this transformative journey and define the guiding principles that will shape the future success of your business. We’ll establish a solid foundation for a purpose-driven and thriving organisation.